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Target the Best GPS Device
for your Navigation and Training

Using the GPS Ratings to select your device and combining it with a Heart Rate and Cadence Monitor your device becomes core to your training and preparation for your next Epic.

We’ve sorted the “Wheat from the Chaff”.

All you have to do is compare gps units and check against your requirements, purely navigation or as part of your training regime and of course . . . your wallet.

Garmen gps and Magellen gps are two of the best providers with excellent Ratings. These are based on ease of use, durability, reliability and accuracy. Most have wrist and bike mounted devices and usually include a bundle of free gps maps in addition to SD card map storage.

However, watch out for the rising stars challenging the market leaders, such as the SatMap Active 10.

Although, nothing replaces the Map and Compass as your primary means of navigation, a gps handlebar or wrist mount will let you concentrate more on the ride and your technique.

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GPS Rated

Garmin Edge 705HR+SC (with Heart Rate Monitor & Speed Cadence, EU)

Garmin Edge 605 - GPS-enabled Cycle Trainer & Navigator

SatMap Active 10

Garmin Etrex Vista Hcx

Garmin Foretrex 201

Garmin Foretrex 101

Magellan Triton 1500

Magellan Triton 500

Magellan Triton 400

So when it comes to getting the best from your time in the saddle, all is not lost . . . The answer no longer needs to be "No Pain, no Gain". Use our Epic GPS Ratings and get the most from your training.

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