The UK’s Largest Specialist
Mountain Bike Dealers

Evans Cycles

As far as Mountain Bike Dealers go, these guys have over 80 years experience in the UK Cycling Industry. Their Nationwide network of 31 specialist bike shops throughout the UK make it one of the largest suppliers of quality Mountain bikes in Europe.

They offer the complete package:

. . . Discounted Bikes

. . . Worldwide Shipping

. . . Insurance

. . . Mountain Bike Apperal and Saftey Gear

Discounted Bikes

As one of the UK's foremost Mountain Bike Dealers, due to the volumes of bikes Evans Cycles buy, their online mountain bike shop online mountain bike shop is able to pass on massively discounted prices to you, sometimes in excess of 25%

Worldwide Shipping

As with many others they offer free standard shipping on orders over £50 to addresses within the mainland UK. No real Eureka moment there!

However, unlike other Mountain Bike Dealers, Evans Cycles offer their Ship2Store service, ordering online and having your purchase delivered to your local store. Now you get the assembly and maintenance all thrown in . . . Eureka!!

Evans cycles can ship to most International locations using UPS. This is a premium service offering a fast, secure service, with online tracking.

And an important point to note here is, that Evans Cycles don't just ship you direct from the manufacturer.

As standard, Cytech qualified mechanics fully assembled and test your mountain bike before dispatch. This means that during the assembly process the forks, wheels, seat-post and components are fitted. Gears and brakes are adjusted (disc brakes bled if necessary), wheels are trued, tyres pumped up and all nuts and bolts tightened.


- Harbinger of doom !!

Many home contents policies don’t cover mountain bikes if they are over a certain value, if they are taken away from the home, if you transport them on a car rack or you use them for business or racing. They could also carry an excess which may make claiming uneconomical.

There's no getting away from it these bikes are Shiny and Expensive so it makes sense to consider getting a Mountain Bike Dealers specialist insurance quote from Evans Cycles Insurance.

It's a flexible one so you're not stuck with cover you don’t want or will never need- It can cover you for travel abroad and competions. It also has the Liability Insurance just incase you total somebody else in the process of taking a nose dive!!

Mountain Bike Apperal and Saftey Gear

As you'd expect your Kit Wish-list is pretty much all here. . .

. . . Mountain Bike Apperal and Clothing
. . . Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes
. . . Mountain Bike Glasses

. . . Mountain Bike Gloves
. . . Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet
. . . Mountain Bike Body Armour

. . . Mountain Bike Accesories and Componentry
. . . Mountain Bike Tyres or tires
. . . Mountain Bike Forks

. . . Lights
. . . Car Racks
. . . Mountain Bike Maintenance Tip