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Inca Mountain Bike Adventure

Mountain bike Peru - An essential "Epic Element" is the ability to getaway from the crowds . . .

Featured in Mountain Biking UK issue 213 (Jul 2007) a group of intrepid Canadians blast an alternative trail to the mile high Inca city of Machu Picchu - avoiding the tourist herds and taking on the Colca Canyon.

Their's is a tale of a route taken from a map recce - often the start of any expedition; a desire to see the "real" local people and their way of life, and the chance to take on awesome and breath taking terrain.

Transferring from Lima to the southern Peruvian starting point of Arequipa the Four-man teams Inca Mountain Bike Adventure over came bike theft, the effects of altitude and Lama herds in their attempt to complete a 10-day 500km route through the Andes.

Trail conditions early on forced a 4x4 lift north to the town of Chivay deep in the Colca Canyon. From here they moved on to Maca and then climbed 1500 vertical feet to Cruz del Condor.

Unfortunately, the theft of their bikes made the final objective of the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu impossible.

However, they discovered fantastic routes in the Colca Cayon - "As wide as the Crand Canyon and twice as deep" - and rode the guts out of the local rental bikes.

Bottom line is this Epic route is still up for grabs and if you weren't aware of the awesome Peruvian terrain this article is food for thought.

Just don't loose your bikes !!

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