Epic Mountain Bike Racing

"More than just a day out
on your Mountain Bike !"

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Epic Mountain Bike Racing is not for the faint hearted. These are more than just a day out on your Mountain Bike. From the TransRockies Challenge to the Cape Epic - do you think you have what it takes?

Mountain Bike Racing, XC/Enduro and Marathon events, have breathed new life into the sport and industry, making these fantastic events available to professionals and enthusiastic amateurs around the world.

The attraction is that it’s not a 90-minute battle of “brawn over brain”. These events can go on for 6 to 8 days and require endurance, pace, skill, tactics and a sense of humour.

These Epic Race events have a “London Marathon “ feel to them, an atmosphere that lifts the competitors and energises them along their route; breaks down barriers and creates personal bests.

We’ve listed the 5 top Races for your inspiration . . .

. . .Cape Epic

After 4 successful races, next years Cape Epic will start with some thing a little different – a Prologue. Why? Up until now only the top 50 teams have been seeded. Now the entire race will be seeded with timings added to the overall scores.

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The Race continues to blast its way through the Badlands and Vineyards of South Africa’s Western Cape, So if you’re “Bagging” Epic Races . . . then the Cape Epic is a Southern Hemisphere classic!

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. . .La Ruta de los Conquistadores

"The Toughest Mountain Bike Race on the Planet" . . we’ll go along with that! To be honest with you La Ruta has all the components you would expect in an Epic but with one all-important addition . . . humidity. Energy sapping the power of 10!

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Now you go Coast to Coast in 4 days not 3 . . .

You would hope the extra day would make it easier but it doesn’t.

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. . .TransAlp Challenge

Now in its 10th year the TransAlp is the Original XC/Enduro Race. Inspired by their World Cup event experiences Chester Fabricius and Heinrich Albrecht created a masterpiece.

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The TransAlp has a compelling attraction for amateur and professional mountain bikers alike drawn to the need for self-reliance, stamina, endurance, teamwork and character.

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. . .TransRockies Challenge

If you are after Epic then the TransRockies Challenge is the race that has it all. Extremes of terrain, altitude, weather, river crossings, muscle sapping climbs and hair-raising descents.

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The TransRockies is the standard by which all other Epic Mountain Bike races are measured.

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. . .TransScotland

The inaugural TransScotland will take place in the spectacular Scottish Borders this summer (2007) maximising the World Class 7Staines Mountain Bike Centres.

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Building on the Success of the TransWales event last year, this event will place the TransScotland alongside the Epic Mountain Bike Race Classics which include the TransAlp and TransRockies Challenges, La Ruta and the Cape Epic.

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