Mountain Bike Tire Review

Choose the Mountain Bike Tires used by the Pros - our Mountain Bike Tire Review features Specialized, Maxxis, Continental, Huntchinson and many more.

Whether ripped, split, holed, punctured, badly behaved or just plain worn out, now is the time to get them sorted out. Nothing effects your ride more than the rubber on your wheels!

We’ve split up the types of tires into 3 main categories, Trail, XC and All terrain. Some are better suited to hard-pack, others profess to be conquerors of the single most tricky surface on this planet - “Mud”

Tire profile is all important

Rounded profiles are best for the hard-pack. This profile allows a constant tire radius to apply the least amount of rubber contact to the trail. Ultimately this reduces the rolling resistance and improves handling in the turns.

Square profles work better in the loose and wet surfaces. Providing a larger contact area this profile benefits from more pronounced, sharper tread blocks. This larger contact area creates greater rolling resistance on the one hand, but on the other provides better traction in the crud.

If you’re a Mud Magnet then you may want to consider moving to a tread that has clear lateral channels which allows the tire to clear residual mud more easily. One solution is to go Narrow and cut through the crud to the firmer surface below with a 1.75in rather than the traditional 2.25s.

Using our bike tire review will help you experiment and ultimately match your riding style and bike handling to the surface conditions . . .

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