Mountain Bike Tires

Performance Wise
There’s no Bigger Bang for your Buck$$$ !

Mountain Bike Tires are your only connection with Terra Firma. They have a crucial effect on how fast you go, how well you corner, how well you brake, and how well you cope on different surfaces.

Ultimately, bike tires effect your riding confidence and your ability to get into the Flow.

Get it wrong and your bike becomes as responsive as a Super-Tanker . . . Oh yes, You know that feeling don't you!

. . . But get it right and you’re the “Racing Snake” everyone is trying to catch.

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As you’d expect MTB tires don’t come in a one size fits all.

Kenda and Specialized are a few of the tire manufactures on the market producing rubber for specific surfaces, Trail tires, XC tires and All terrain tires.

Tire technology is constantly developing and is currently the fastest growth area, more than any other in Mountain Biking.

Bike tires have their own terminology too! Black Chilli, Fast fatties and Durometer ratings being just a few . . .

All for one purpose . . . Almost every part of a modern Mountain bike is predictable either in the factory set up or through personal customisation using well fitted and maintained componentry . . BUT the wrong tires and punctures remain the bane of the mountain biker’s life.

The EMB Mountain Bike Tire Review will give you the crucial info on tire profiles, tire pressure, and the hot poop on . . .

. . . Trail Tires

. . . XC Tires

. . . All Terrian Tires

We'll also give you the Pros and Cons on . . .

. . . Tube vs tubeless

. . . Puncture solutions

. . . BUT at the end of the day most Puncture solutions are work arounds to get you home. Generally it's best to bin ripped, repaired or worn tires as soon as you can with new.


Well, tires that have been repaired tend to distort and bulge around the damaged area and this has a major effect in unbalancing the wheel.

It's the same with worn mountain bike tires. As the tire wears out it's ability to brake and corner reduces. The rear tire usually wearing out first.

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