Mountain Biking Tips

Riding Epics?

Essential Riding Skills?

Mountain Biking Tips, Riding Skills or Tricks call them what you will - they are essential to completing and competing Epic Routes and Races. Ignore this at your peril !

mountain-biking-tips Honing your mountain bike tricks or skills should never be a drag. If your thinking of tackling the challenge of the Epics then you should already be riding the tread off your tyres.

Applying these essential Mountain Biking Tips will stop bad habits can creeping when you are pounding your favourite trails with your riding buddies.

In this section we'll cover the basics and some of the more advanced stuff - we'll also cover Bike set- up for both Hardtail and Full Sussers.

. . . Spotting your Riding Line is the starting point for your Mountain Bike Riding Skill

. . . Conquering the Climbs

. . . Braking technique

. . . Nailing Berms

. . . Trail Pumping and Manuals

. . . Bunny-hops

. . . Tackling Rocks and Roots

. . . Absorbing Drop-offs

. . . Drifting corners

. . . Night Riding

. . . Gear selection

. . . Bike Set-up

Mountain Bike Schools

The growing number of mountain bike parks - Moab, Whistler, Seven Staines and Verbier, to name some of the best - offer two important factors; exceptional riding terrain as mountain bike training, and awesome mountain bike instruction to sharpen up those mountain bike riding skills.

Mountain Bike Fitness

We'll tackle your fitness later . . . tackling multi-day Epics is not for the faint hearted!