Race Reviews

Does your mountain biking make the grade?

Race Reviews - You've taken the time to sharpen your Mountain Biking skills, you're as fit as the preverbial Butchers Dog, with a race prep'd mind as hard as nails.

Share your experiences and passion for those Epic Mountain Bike Races.

Dig deep and remember the highpoints, the flow, the near misses, the people

- and the low points, ragged lungs, even more ragged legs, the falls and the kit that didn't earn it's keep.


Remember," It's more than just a race, it is a growing experience. It isn’t just about fighting for a few minutes, seconds or and beating a competitor.

The race is about the journey and all that it entails - learning about yourself, making friends, being helped, and most of all, helping others along the way. " - La Ruta

Remember we’re after at least one Epic on each of the 7 Continents! With Epic Races in Europe, the Americas and Africa we're looking for races in Asia, Australia, South America and possibly even in the Antarctic! - OK forget that one!!

Tell us about your favourite Mountain Bike Races. The Epic ones will be posted onto this site for all to benefit from.

Pay it forward and pass on the Epic Mountain Bike Buzz!

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So get the thinking hats on.

Epic Mountain Bike

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