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Are you struggling to find your riding form?

Riding a womens mountain bike can make all the difference. Bike builders worked out long ago that riders needed different bikes for different rides, Marathons, X-country, Downhill, Free-ride, etc.

Each required its own specific geometry. The same goes for the battle of the sexes . . . different geometry for each gender.

women's mountain bike


Believe it or not, women’s bodies are different in more ways than just the obvious.

. . . Shorter backs and longer legs

. . . More slender shoulders and smaller hands

. . . Wider pelvic areas

How does this impact bike fit?

Shorter top tube to accommodate the shorter back. Shorter bars for slender shoulders and thinner grips for smaller hands. Also, you’ve got the saddles designed specifically for women.

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So who are the players out there?

Most of the big names now have a solid women's mountain bike range; the basic trail bike to the full on carbon framed race ride.

women's mountain bike 2 Performance Hardtails and race ready Full Sussers are well represented. All claim to be engineered specifically for women.

Each bike, by way of it’s specific geometry and componentry, attempts to put you in a more natural riding position.

The objective of womens mountain bike? Improved comfort, better control and optimal power. Each bike is different, so always test ride before parting with your cash.


Their Design for Women (D4W) range consists of 10 bikes drawn from the Safire and Myka models providing both Hardtail and Full Suspension options. Their top end is the S-Works Safire FSR, so don’t think you’re just getting “Shrink and Pink”.


The WSD Bike range has 12 bikes to choose from each engineered specifically for women. The Hardtails to focus on are the 8000 WSD, 6700 WSD and 6300 WSD. The Fullies, you have a choice from either the Top Fuel or Fuel EX models, depending on the depth of your purse.


Sounding like something from a Jane Austin novel the Contessa comes in two guises, the Race and Sport. As the names suggest, the Race line is what you should probably be considering if you’re considering an Epic . . . nuff said!


Entering the fray with both Hardtail and Full Suspension models, the Arete (HT) has already shown itself to be an excellent ride and easily upgraded.

So when it comes to getting the best from your time in the saddle, all is not lost . . .

The answer no longer needs to be a "Shrink and Pink". Hardtail or Full susser, carbon fibre or alu, all mountain or race, a womens mountain bike gives you the performance you deserve.

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